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Project Description

Project Brief

A modern cloud-based connected RIS / PACS middleware using the best web technologies and open source projects within the healthcare domain.

  • Advanced reporting and analytics for easy operations management.
  • Fully functional RIS / PACS.
  • HIPAA compliant networking infrastructure.
  • Phenomenal user experience and mobile-first design.
  • Test coverage at 100%.

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Skills Needed

This project spanned multiple domains – full stack web-development, healthcare interoperability, devops, and health care specific IT systems such as PACS / RIS communicating over DICOM and HL7. As the system is designed to be HIPAA compliant, special attention was given to security over the entire technology stack and deployment procedures.

Project Planning 98%
Web Development 92%
Database 96%
DICOM & HL7 98%
Devops 85%